The mother
The mother

The mother

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The mother necklace

All the four charms to this piece are on a hammered circle so they hang all together close just like my family.

The Mother 

First thing my mum said to me when I gave birth to Arthur was you are a warrior. Whenever me or my sister are having a little bit of a crap time mum always says remember girls you are warriors! That was the starting point to The Mother the arrow to remind everyone woman out there we are all warriors together. The eye will be seen on every piece just to protect you from evil, I know it has protected me throughout the last year.The Lighting bolt heart to remember to always be fierce and strong.The zodiac Coin choose your star sign or A loved one, this coin is a reminder to never stop dreaming or looking up.

 The Mother.

the mother is on a hammered delicate trace chain, the whole necklace and charm are made from silver then plated in high quality 24ct gold plate.

make it your own buy choosing your star sign for your zodiac coin. 



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